Longevity activist and software engineering lead.• CTO at GeroSense
• Co-Founder of Say Forever!
• Fellow at Longevity Biotech Fellowship
• Longevity dealflow working group contributor at VitaDAO
• Public speaker

Aleksandr Sviridov

Current projects


Digital biomarker for measuring biological age. It enables live tracking of health dynamics in large populations and cost-effective digital trials of longevity intervention protocols. Spin-out of Gero.GeroSense Website
GeroSense Studies Website
GeroSense iOS App
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My talks

Aging. Why do we fight it, and why do we think we can win

An introductory talk in which I'll discuss the motivation behind the longevity movement, touching on both philosophical and economic drivers. I'll critically examine the industry's current state, highlighting both breakthroughs and barriers.

Past projects

Say Forever!

Global grassroots campaign for life extension. I launched it in partnership with Open Longevity.Say Forever! Website
Say Forever! Instagram
Say Forever! Telegram Forum

Random Coffee

Networking initiative that connects members of the longevity community weekly through random pairings. I launched it in partnership with Open Longevity.Random Coffee for English speakers
Random Coffee for Russian speakers